Artel Segodnya

Petrograd 1918 - 1919


A group of revolutionary artists of St. Petersburg/Petrograd founded in 1918 a cooperation in order to produce a series of inexpensive and good children's books. It turned out to be a series of some 13 booklets and 2 broadsides  more with poetry and less with children's subjects. But the artel, as they called it themselves, became leading in the Russian book design in the period directly after the revolution. Their idea's and principles of making books by using a new way of design, gave the books a far from cheap appearance and became an example for other designers. All books were printed on coarse brown paper with designs and illustrations in woodcut technique. The illustrations and the text were not complimentary but had both their own artistic values that were combined in the book as such. Due to the post war troubles and shortages the artel had no long life and in 1919 their cooperation was ended. A last book, Zverushki, was printed by the State Publishing house in Moscow/Petrograd in 1921. The edition of the publications was never more than 1,500 copies.