Satirical journals 1905-1906


Russia had a rich history of satirical journalism. At the end of the 19th century satirical writing went underground until 1905, the year of the first Russian Revolution. The boom in satirical publications was triggered by the October 1905 governmental manifesto, which promised political rights and freedom. For a short period satirical journals flourished and expanded their numbers. It is assumed that some 380 satirical magazines, journals and one-dailies appeared between January 1905 and April 1906 when the first Duma was opened and the state power again suppressed the satirical journals. Most had several issues before the magazine was closed and banned and publisher and editors were punished by a fine or imprisonment.


Бурелом Windbreak

Дятел Woodpecker

Молва Rumour

Нагаечка Whip

Петрушка Petrushka

Пламия Flame

Пулемёт Machine gun

Рапира Rapier


Спрут Octopus

Забияка Bully

Жупель Bogey










1928 S. Isakov

1970 D. Floyd

1977 V. Shleev

1983 D. King

2000 Moscow