Vladimir Sterligov

Стерлигов, Владимир Васильевич

Painter, graphic artist, poet

Born Warsaw, 18 March 1904

Died Petergof, 1 November 1973


In 1921 Sterligo enrolled in literature class at the All-Russian Union of Poets in Moscow (19211925). In 1925 he met the artist Vera Ermolaeva, who was impressed by him and advised him to go to Leningrad to study under Malevich. In Malevich's painting class he studied the principles of Cubism and Suprematism. Together with V. Ermolaeva, L. Yudin, K. Rozhdestvensky they formed a group which is sometimes called The Sterligov Group. In the years 1929-1934 Sterligov worked for the journals "Chizh" and "Yozh", both as a writer and as an illustrator. He was close to the Oberiu group. In 1934 he as arrested and send to a camp in Karaganda. After release from camp in1939 he fought in the Leningrad area and was wounded and send to Alma Ata. Her he met and married the artist Tatiana Glebova.