Margarita Staraste

Старасте, Маргарита Яновна

Graphic artist

Born Vladimir, 2 February 1914

Died (Latvia), 18 Fberuary 2014


Margarita was the only daughter of the agronomist Janis Barviks. She studied at the Latvian Academy of Arts under V.Purvits. In 1937 she went to Sweden and met the Dutch Gerrit Bordewijk. They got engaged. Due to war and the post-war political conditions they were separated. In 1942 the first book with her first illustrations was published and many were to follow. Margarita became one of the best known illustrators of Latvian fairy tales. In 1993 Margarita married Gerrit Bordewijk and lived in Eelde, in the Netherlands until 2000, when Gerrit died. Margarita returned to Latvia.