Naglyadnaya Agitatsiya

Наглядная Агитация

Visual Agitation

Moscow: Plakat, 1988 - 1990


Visual Agitation is a magazine for graphic designers. It was published by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Uinion (CPSU) at the Moscow publishing house 'Poster'.  The magazine was directly supervised by the CPSU. The Editorial board, presided by Viktor Litvinov (born 1948), was totally in favour of perestroika and tried to reform the magazine into an innovative publication for professional designers. That is the reason why in 1990 the old-fashioned soviet name was changed into Khudozhnik-Orformitel (Artist-Designer). The end of the Soviet-Union was also the end of this magazine. In total 12 issues were published. The LS Collection holds the complete set.


1988 no. 1


1988 no. 2

1988 no. 3

1988 no. 4

1989 no. 1


1989 no. 2 1989 no. 3 1989 no. 4
1990 no. 1 1990 no. 2 1990 no. 3 1990 no. 4