El Lissitzky

(1890 - 1941)


El Lissitzky

Похвальный отзыв

Honourable Mention

Moscow: Gosizdat, 1927

575 x 400 mm. 1  page

Edition: 310. Copy no. 149.






Honourable mention for Sarra Shor for her graphic work in the Polygraphic Exhibition in Moscow signed by the  four jurors (o.a. Vladimir Favorsky) as well as the president, director and secretary of the exhibition. One of two known copies, formerly Merrill C.Berman Collection. The numbering of this work refers either to a specific work in the exhibition i.e. No. 149: Sarra Shor 'Chai Khaina (Chainaya) p. 13 second section, or to the number in the circulation.



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