Leonid Brailovsky

Браиловский, Леонид Михайлович

Painter, architect, stage designer

Born Kharkov, 23 May 1867

Died Rome, 7 July 1937



Brailovsky studied 1886-94 at the Imperial Academy in St. Petersburg where he won the little gold medal for architectural drawing. In 1895-98 he studied in Rome under Bampani and at the Academy Julian in Paris. He taught 1897-1917 at the Moscow Art school. In 1917 he emigrated to Constantinopel and in 1921 to Belgrade and 1925 to Rome. He was accidentally shot in a street fight between Italian Fascists.

Rimma Brailovsky

Браиловская, Римма Никитична

Painter, graphic artist, stage designer

Born Derpt (Tartu, Estonia), 14 April 1877

Died Rome, 28 September 1959



Rimma Brailovsky (born Rimma Schmidt) lived 1899-1917 in Moscow and most probly studied under her future husband, Leonid Brailovsky. She painted, together with her husband the back drops and costumes for the Belgrade opera in 1921-24.