Jacques Zoubaloff

Зубалов, Яков Константинович

Painter, composer

Born Tiflis, 1876

Died Neuilly-sur-Seine,1941


Son of a Georgian aristocrat, Zoubaloff (Zubalov, Zubalashvili), received until 1918 dividends from the family oil business, which was led by his brothers. In 1904 he settled in Paris and devoted many years to art collecting. Since 1912 repeatedly made generous gifts to the Parisian museums. In 1922 he accepted French citizenship. He himself began to focus on painting and music. He painted pastels, watercolors, gouache still lifes with flowers and landscapes. In 1930-1937 he regularly held his solo exhibitions in the gallery Druet. He also became an amateur composer and wrote a hymn for the Order of the Legion of Honor. He created and financed music publications.