Жар птица

Jar ptitsa

The Fire-Bird

Berlin / Paris: Iskusstvo, 1921-1926


The fire bird was a monthly for art and literature edited by A. E. Kogan  who had been the typographical supervisor of the famous St. Petersburg publisher Golicke & Vilborg. The main artistic director was the art historian and artist G. Loukomsky, the one time director of the Peterhof Museum in St. Petersburg and an active member of Mir Iskusstva (World of art). The journal was printed with the utmost care and was lavishly illustrated completely in the tradition of the great pre-revolutionary Russian journals as Mir Iskusstva. In total 14 numbers were printed in 13 issues. Numbers 1-13 were printed in Berlin, while the last number was printed in Paris. The print run is nowhere stated but was about 300 copies per issue. The cover of each issue was specially designed and printed in radiant colours.



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No.1 (1921) No.2 (1921) No.3 (1921) No.4-5 (1921)

No.6 (1922)

No.7 (1922)

No.8 (1922)


No.9 (1922)


No.10 (1923)

No.11 (1923)

No.12 (1924)

No.13 (1925)


No.14 (1926)

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