(1894 - 1975)


Igor Terentev

Rekord nezhnosti

A record of tenderness

Tiflis: 41°, 1919

140 x 152 mm. 24 pages 

Edition: unknown. 




This book is a biography of Ilya Zdanevich (Iliazd) written by Teretev and illustrated by his brother Kirill. For this book Kirill composed ten small pictures framed in squares and printed in blue. The cover is designed by Iliazd. In effect this is a book about a poet written by a poet and illustrated with small compositions that contain the letters of the alphabet. The art of typesetting, the punctuation of the printed text and the letters within the image are all elements of poetry and visual art that have grown together in this small book. The cover is dominated by the letter Iu that functions as a base for the flying, bee-like, lettters of Record and Tenderness.



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Igor Terentev

Un record de tendresse

A record of tenderness

Paris: Clémence Hiver, 1990

115 x 165 mm. 96 pages 

Edition: unknown. 



Reprint of the 1919 edition with a translation into French