Mikhail Yakovlev

Яковлев, Михаил Николаевич

Painter, scenographer

Born Penza, 28 July 1880

Died Tbilisi, 1942


In 1898 Yakovlev enterd the Moscow Stroganov School of Art, but did not finish his studies. he went to the Penza Art School where he took lessons from K. Savitskii. In 1901 he left for St. Petersburg where he worked at the Tenisheva Workshop. Yakovlev started working as a painter, illustrator and stage designer. He also made caricatures for some satirical journals in 1905. After the revolution he joined the Narkompros and was aa member of the division for the protection of Museums, Monuments and Handicraft. In 1923 he got permission to go to Paris for treatment of ill health. He stayed in France and Belgium, mainly working as a stage designer and illustrator. In 1937 he returned to the USSR. In 1942 he was evacuated to Tbilisi, where he died.