The Vydavy Sindikat, the You-and-you Syndicate, approach of making art is strongly linked to the art of the Russian avant-garde. The group accepted Konstantin K. Kuzminsky, poet, teacher, linguist, geologist, former dissident and, Vydavy as a mentor for their aspiring poems and drawings. The Vydavy Sindikat works with socio-architectural concepts aiming at invention of utopian solutions. The syndicateís goal is the development of new communication skills. Starting in 1992 with 4 issues of vydavy, the publication in a traditional newspaper format is now supplementing the life performances, the installation and archtectural projects, undertaken by the sindikat. In 1996 the collective started a periodical in English, under the name Kozha/Koja: skin, epidermis, in Russian. Under that name they also published a number of artistís books with poetry and art by members of the collective. In 2002 they changed into an all-Russian literary magazine Magazinnik, dealing with contemporary writing and art. In the magazine the young Russian-born poets and artists exploit the possibilities of their dual identities as Russians and Americans. The editor of the magazine is Dmitry Romendik, the design editor of the magazine is Zhenya Plechkina. The close bond between the Vydavy sindikat and the artists and authors around the Kozha Press has recently been dissolved