Danila Vassilieff

Васильев, Данила Иванович

Painter, sculptor

Born Kagalnitskaia (Rostov-on-Don), 28 December 1897

Died Bulleen (Melbourne), 22 March 1958


Vassilieff studied mechanical engineering at the Novocherkask Technical School. During the civil war he fought with Don Cossack cavalry and was captured by the Red Army. He escaped and made his way to China. He married 1923 in Shanghai a fellow refugee en both set out for Australia. In 1929 he was divorced and started travelling around the world. In 1930 and 1931 he had his first formal art education in Rio de Janeiro. In 1935 he returned to Australia and settled, first in Sidny but after the war in Melbourne. In the postwar years his sculptures became the prominent part of his creative activities.