Vasilii Ushakov

Ушаков, Василий Васильевич

Painter, architect

Born Staraia Russa, 2 February 1905

Died Pushkin, 10 January 1996


Ushakov, son of the main architect of Staraia Russa, studied at the Studio of V. Svarog in Staraia Russa. In 1925 he started studying at the Leningrad Academy of Arts, first at the department of painting, but later also at the department of architecture. He mainly worked as an architect in Leningrad until 1942, when he was evacuated to Alma-Ata. After return to Leningrad he created over 300 works, paintings, drawings and water colours. During the last years of his life Ushakov lived in the house of the vetran-architects in Pushkin