Viktor Ufimtsev

Уфимцев, Виктор Иванович

Painter, graphic artist, scenographer

Born Barnevskoe (Ural), 21 November 1899

Died Tashkent, 31 December 1964


Ufimtsev studied at the Omsk Commercial College from 1910 to 1919. In 1917 hes started studying art at the Omsk Institute of Oractical Knowledge. . In 1918 he met with David Burliuk and was carried away with Futurism. From 1923 to 1925 he lived in Turkestan and became close to artist Usto Mumin. In 1925 he returned to Omsk where he worked as the main stage designer at the Omsk Theatre. In 1933 he settled in Taskent where he took an active part in founding the Uzbek Union of artists.