Paul Troubetzkoy

Трубецкой, Павел Петрович

Sculptor, graphic artist

Born Intra (Verbania, Italy), 15 February 1866

Died Intra (Verbania, Italy), 12 Fberuary 1938


Troubetzkoy, illigal son of a Russian Prince, had no formal art education. He started exhibting his sculptures in 1886 in the USA. In 1987 he moved to to Moscow where he together with his half-brother Petr functioned as the head of the Nobility Fraction of the Moscow province. In 1909 his famous statue of Emerpor Alexander III on horseback was installed in St. Petersburg after 18 month of casting. In 1906 the sculptor had left Russia for Italy. In 1914-1921 he lived in Holywood and from 1921 to 1932 in Paris. In 1932 Troubetzkoy returned to his villa Kabianka in Verbania (Lago Maggiore) where he died.