Vladimir Tretchikoff

Третчиков, Владимир Григорьевич


Born Petropavlovsk, 13 December 1913

Died Capetown, 14 January 2003


After the Revolution Tretchikoff with part of his family settled in Harbin. During the Japanse occupation, he moved to Shanghai where he worked for the Russian Opera House. Here he found his first tutor in the artist M.A. Kichigin, followed by V.A. Zasypkin. Here he also started to work as cartoonist for the American Shanghai Evening Post. After he went to Singapore and worked as a cartoonist for the Straits Times. In 1941 Tretchikoff and his family were evacuted to South-Africa on seperate vessels. Tretchikoff boat was hit by the Japanese and travelling in a life boat he reached the Indonesian island of Java. He got a job as a stage designer with a Japanese artist in Batavia, working for different companies. In 1946 Tretchikoff  joined his family in South Africa and became a South African citizen in the 1950s. During the 1960s he became one of the best selling artists in the world, especially famous for his portraits and decorative flower pieces.