Moscow: Detizdat, 1931


The magazine Cricket was created by the writer Nikolai Oleinikov (1898-1937), who worked in the well known children's magazines Hedgehog and Siskin. Work on Cricket began in the fall of 1936. The first issue was published at the beginning of 1937. The magazine was addressed to preschool children and had as a subtitle Funny Pictures for Little Children. Cricket was conceived as a humorous magazine and differed from other children's editions for its predominance of drawing over text. But the time of its publication, 1937, did not fit in with the education of the “new Soviet man”. Unwarranted critical articles about the magazine and its harmful effects on the younger generation began to appear in the press. In the summer of 1937, events began to develop rapidly. On the night of July 3, 1937, N. Oleinikov was arrested. The last, fifth issue of Cricket was edited by N. Sher, and after its release the magazine was closed. Some  employees of the editorial office of the magazine were arrested, and the rest were forced to write letters of resignation. Oleinikov was declared an "enemy of the people" and on November 19, 1937, sentenced to death. He was shot on November 24 1937. He was rehabilitated in September 1957. In 1956 the magazine Funny Pictures was created, using the old subtitle of Cricket.


1937 no.1


1937 no.2

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