Antonin Sungurov

Сунгуров, Антонин Иванович


Born Titovka (Samara), 1894



Sungurov was born into a family of a village priest and studied four classes at the Theological Seminary and then at the Kiev School of Art and at the School of Drawing in Saratov. In 1914-1915 he taught drawing at an orphanage school in Kiev. In 1920 he went in exile in Harbin. From 1921 to 1933 he worked as a teacher of painting and drawing in the Harbin School of Commerce. He painted landscapes and paintings on the history, ethnography and modern urban life in China. In 1934 he moved to Tianjin where he worked as an art teacher. In 1940 he returned to the Soviet-Union and taught art at secondary schools.

(Note: This artist should be distinguished from the Russian French artist Antonin Ivanovitch Soungouroff (1911 - 1982) who is well known of his homoerotic paintings).