Aleksandr Stroilo

(1955 - )


Daniil Kharms

Passakalia no. 1

Passacaglia nr. 1

Pskov: Stroilo, 1987

145 x 100 mm. 20 pages 

Unique copy.


Book in the form of a leporello with 10 pages written on both sides in ink. All pages with colored strips of paper mounted as a collage, rectangular front and back cover with each 24 wooden sticks sticking out (up to 4,5 cm). The sticks are being covered with colored goatskin. Decorated cardboard box with rope and stick attached, to be used as a locking device. Story by Daniil Kharms dated 10 november 1937.


New York 1999, nr. 9

Hamburg 2017, no. 151