Aleksandr Stroilo

(1955 - )


Aleksandr Stroilo

Dubl S.M. Roda

S.M. Rod's double

Pskov: Stroilo, 1994

200 x 148 mm. 40 pages 

Unique copy. 


Book with illustrations to 'The double', a story by S. M. Rod on 10 forms of the Pskov Communist Party seperated by brown kraft paper. The first form is used as a title page while the following 9 forms are illustrated with black, green and red stenciled figures. Small cut outs  play with parts of the stenciled figures in the background. The book has a colored goatskin binding with a relief  that repeats the same stenciled figures from the inside; red colored spine. Numbered (191) insignia on the inside front cover.



New York 1999, nr. 50