Saveli Sorin

Сорин Савелий Абрамович


Born Polozk (Vitebsk), 4 February 1878

Died New York, 22 November 1953


Sorin studied from 1894 to 1898 at the Odessa Art School under K. Kostandi. From 1899 to 1907 he studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts under I. Repin, V. Savinov and began to specialize in portraiture. After graduating he travelled to Holland, France, and Italy. In 1917 he went to Yalta and lived in the same house as the Soudeikins. In 1921 he participated in the exhibition "L'Art Russe" in Paris. In 1923 emigrated to the U.S and settled in New York. He worked mostly as a portrait painter of aristocrats, artists, actors, and dancers such as Alexandre Benois, Michel Fokine, and Anna Pavlova.