Petr Shumov

Шумов, Петр Иванович


Born Grodno, 26 March 1872

Died Lodz (Poland), 25 June 1936


Shurmov studied at the St. Petersburg Institute of Technlology. He joined a froup of revolutionaries in his hometown Grodno and was for the first time arrested in the summer of 1894. In 1907, after being seven times more arrested, Shumov and his wife and daughter left Russia for Paris. As an enigineer he got interested in photography and in 1911 opened his own photostudio in Montparnasse. Shumovs fame as a portrait-photographer made him the photographer documenting the last years in the life of the sculptor Auguste Rodin. The financial crisis of the 1930s brought ruin to his studio and in 1933 Shumov and his family moved to Lodz where he worked as a consultant at a chemical plant.