Arkadii Shishkin

Шишкин, Аркадий  Васильевич


Born Kukar (Viatka), 1899

Died Moscow, 1985


Shishkin went to study in a portrait studio in Kazan, then moved to St. Petersburg, where he took a course in filmmaking. After the revolution, he opened a photographic studio in Yekaterinburg. In 1918 he volunteered in the Red Army. In 1922 he returned to Kukar and worked for a number of local newspapers and magazines, as well as for the Moscow Peasant newspaper. In 1925 he moved to Moscow. The main subject of his interest as a photographer was the ordinary peasant life, including subjects connected with collectivization. During the Second World War Shishkin worked as a photo journalist at the front. After the war he continued his photography classes, experimenting also with color photography.