Aleksei Shchusev

Щусев, Алексей Викторович


Born Chisinau (Moldava), 8 October 1873

Died Moscow, 24 May 1949


Shchusev, son of a noble family, studied 1891-1897 at the higher art school of the Petersburg Academy of Art under L. Benois and I. Repin. He settled in St. Petersburg and soon begon to work as an architect. He was one of the first who dedicated himselft to a stricrtly scientific restauration of Russian monuments.Before the revolution he was a successful architect who desiged a.o. several railway stations. After the revolution he was asket to develop a master plan for the reconstruction of Moscow. His most famous work is the Lenin Mausoleum on Red Square in Moscow. For Stalin's project of a grand building for the Soviets, the Palace of the Soviets, he also presented his design.