Sergei Senkin

Сенькин, Сергей Яковлевич

Painter, designer

Born Pekrovskoe-Stresknevo (near Moscow), 13 July 1894

Died Moscow, 12 April 1963


Senkin studied in 1914 and 1915 at the Moscow College of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and from in 1915 and 1916 at the Moscow Vkhutemas, In 1921 he went together with his friend Gustav Klucis to Vitebsk to meet with Malevich. He developed his own approach to Suprematism. He was a graphic artist using a variety of techniques including photography and photomontage. He worked together with Klucis as a poster designer and was involved with El Lissitzky in designing the 1928 Pressa Exhibition in Cologne.