Grigor Sciltian

Шилтьян, Григории Иванович


Born Nakhichevan (Rostov-on-Don), 20 August 1900

Died Rome, 1 April 1985


Sciltian attended art classes of A.S. Chinenov in Rostov-on-Don in 1915. In 1917 he spent several month in petrograd attending classes at the Academy of Art. After the revolution he settled in Tiflis and befriended the group of artists around Ilya and Kirill Zdanevich. In 1919 he emigratd, via the Crimea, to Constaninople, Vienna and Berlin, to settle 1923 in Rome. From 1927 to 1932 he lived in Paris, but returned to Italy in 1933 and settled in Milan. In the 1930s he devloped his recognizable style in realistic allegorical mannierist style.