Georg Schlicht

Шлихт, Георг Оскарович

Painter, graphic artist, theatre designer

Born Vladykino (Saratov), 27 December 1886

Died Berlin, 6 December 1964


Schlicht was the son of a German engineer (who in the beginning of 1880 emigrated to Russia) and a Russian mother. Georg studied at the Saratov Art School. In 1907 he lived in Moscow and in 1911 -1915 he studied at the Moscow Institute for Art, Sculpture and Architecture. In 1915 he was detained in Ufa, because of the first World War him being of German origin. In 1918 he was forced to emigrate to Germany. He lived in Berlin where he worked as a theatre designer. In the 40's he designed a series of paintings entitled the Apocalypse. Later in the 50's he painted religious motives.