Georgii Sapozhnikov

Сапожниковб Георгий Авксентьевич

Graphic artist, cartoonist

Born Chardzhui (Turkmenobad), 26 May 1893

Died Tubabao (Philippines), 11 October 1949


Sapozhnikov studied at the Alexander Military School in Moscow. As a lieutenant he fought in First World War, was woundend and remained lame. After being discharged in 1917, he took evening classes of art in St. Petersburg. After the revolution, he emigrated to China, where lived in Beijing, Tianjin, and since 1920 in Shanghai. From 1923 to 1941 he worked as a cartoonist for newspapers and advertising agencies. He was director and co-owner of the Russian publishing house and newspaper Slovo (the Word). In 1949, he fled the communist regime to the Philippines, where he died in a camp for displaced persons on the island of Tubabao.