Elena Samokish-Sudkovskaya

Самокиш-Судковская, Елена Павловна

Graphic artist,

Born St. Petersburg, 1863

Died Vyborg, 1924


Samikosh-Sudkovskaya was born as Elena Besnard and studied at the drawing school in Helsingfors (Helsinki). She also took private lesson with V. P. Vereshchagin. In 1883 she married the painter R.G. Dudkovski who died of thypoid two yeaars later. From 1885 she started studying at the academy of Bastien-Lepage in Paris and in 1889 she married de painter N.S. Samokish. She returned to St. petersburg where she worked as an illustrator for the great magazine. Although she worked as a painter, she is best known for het illustrations.