Alexandre Sakharoff

Захаров, Александр

Dancer, theatrical designer,

Born Mariupol, 26 May 1886

Died Siena, 25 September 1963


Born as Aleksandr Tsukerman on the shores of the Azov sea, Sakharoff went with his cousin to Moscow to study painting. When he was 17, he emigrated to Paris where he arrived about 1905. There he continued to study painting and took up studying law. In 1919 he married Clotilde von Derp and became probably the first symbolic male dancer in Europe. He designed his and his wife's own constumes and backdrops and after their debut in London in 1922 their fame extended beyond Europe. Fleeing the Germans, the couple emigrated to South America in 1940 and returned in 1952 to Europe and settled in Rome, where he opened a dance school in Palazzo Doria.