Alexandre Roubtzoff

Рубцов, Александр Александрович

Painter, graphic artist

Born St. Petersburg, 24 January 1884

Died Tunis, 26 November 1949


Roubtzoff studied 1893 at the St. Petersburg Art School and 1899-1904 under his aunt Catherine Wachter and her husband Ia.F. Tsionglinskii, who had adopted him. In 1904-12 he studied at the Imperial Academy under Kardovskii and Tsionglinskii. He travelled extensively in Europe and the Mediterenean 1899-1912. In 1912 he won the Grand Prix of the Petersburg Academy, with a four year travel grant. Due to the death of Tsionglinskii he returned in 1913 back to St. Petersburg. In 1914 he went to Tunesia and lived until 1916 of his grant. After a trip to Algeria in 1917 he settled 1918 in Tunis where he lived and worked till 1949 when he died of tuberculosis. He was a painter of models and landscape. He made illustrations for the journal Tunesie.