За Рубежом

(1927 - 1928)               [



За Рубежом


Moscow: GOSLITIZDAT, 1930-1938


Za Rubezhom ("Abroad") was a monthly magazine of general interest. The publication was organized in 1930 at the initiative and under the editorship of Maxim Gorky as a monthly magazine dedicated to the review of events in the capitalist world. In 1932, after the reorganization, the magazine began to be published 3 times a month in the format of a magazine- newspaper. It was published by the publishing house Ogonyok, founded by journalist Mikhail Koltsov. The magazine covered the most important events and phenomena abroad, published documentaries and translated articles by Soviet and foreign authors, publicists and writers. Separate thematic issues were devoted to especially relevant topics. In 1936, after the death of Gorky, the publication was headed by Koltsov. In 1938 the journal was discontinued. On June 18, 1960, "Abroad" reappeared, published by the Union of Journalists of the USSR with the support of Alexei Adzhubei, as a weekly review of the foreign press. The magazine published materials from the foreign press, articles by Soviet and foreign journalists and covered cultural, scientific, technical, political and economic processes abroad. The LS Collection holds five issues designed by Rodchenko and Stepanova.


1930 no. 2

1930 no. 4

1931 no. 2-3

1931 no. 4

1931 no. 5-6