Boris Pokrovskii           (1900-?)


Lev Zilov

Миллионный Ленин

The millionth Lenin

Petrograd: Gosizdat, 1926

230 x 170 mm. 36 pages. 

Edition: 10,000.






Exciting story of two boys from Calcutta who participate in an uprising against the Raj and are forced to flee. Hearing of Lenin and the Revolution, they stow away travelling through Port Said, making friends with some sailors. In Constantinople (Istanbul) they witness a Communist demonstration. Back on the ship they are mistreated by the captain, which results in a mutiny by the sailors, who raise a red undershirt as a flag, arriving finally in the Soviet Union where they witness a parade before Lenin's tomb and adopt warm clothing and determined revolutionary expressions, while retaining their turbans. Closes with assurance that in spite of Lenin's recent death, this Land of Freedom will go on thanks to it millions of defenders.



Startsev 1933, no. 3621

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