Nikolai Pinegin

Пинегин, Николай Васильевич

Writer, painter, graphic artist

Born Elabuga (Viatka), 10 May 1883

Died Leningrad, 18 October 1940


Pinegin graduated 1907 from the Kazan School of Art. There he made his first trip to the Russian North. In 1908, while studying at the Petersburg Academy of Art, he made his second trip. In 1910 he recieved a fee for a stay in Nova Zembla and after kept on returning to the North. During his trips he made sketches, photographs and movies becoming the first polar cameraman. In 1916 he graduated from the Academy and wasassigned a post as art historian in Sevastopol. In 1923 and 1924 he lived in Berlin, but returned to the Soviet Union to take part in more polar expeditions.  About his expedition he published books, sketches and drawings.