New York: 1925-1926

In 1925, Ivan Narodny, an eclectic writer and art critic, took the group of artists around Robert W. Chanler and founded this ‘bohemian’ journal, as a private enterprise. Even though Robert W. Chanler, David Burliuk and John D. Williams are mentioned as co-editors the magazine was mainly the effort of Narodny. His eclecticism can well be seen in the contents of this journal, announced as a series of 12 of which only 5 issues were published. Among the contributing artists were Alajalov, Bobritsky, Burliuk and Cickovsky  who had worked with Narodny on the performance of his play The Skygirl in 1923. The first issue, with a reproduction of a work by Chanler on the cover, opens with a programmatic text by Narodny explaining what the journal is all about. The second issue, has a drawing by Soudeikine on its cover, Bobritsky designed the cover for the fourth issue. Though it was announced for the next issue, the last part of The Skygirl did not appear in the magazine but was published as a separate book. The fourth issue had some new futuristic tales by Narodny and also a brief report by Katherine Dreier on the activities of the Société Anonyme. The fifth and final issue, with a cover by Donald Corley, presents the artists as the Artel of Arts with a new programmatic text and another tale by Narodny. Included is the Artel’s program for the 1926-1927 season.



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