Antoine Pevsner

Певзнер, Натан Абрамович

Sculptor, painter, sculptor

Born Klimovichi (Orel), 30 January 1884

Died Paris, 12 April 1962


Pevsner, the elder brother of Naum Gabo, studied 1902-1909 at the Art College in Kiev and 1910 at the Academy in St. Petersburg. In 1911 he went to Paris and in 1914 he returned to Moscow. From 1915 till1917 he lived in Christiana (Oslo) and between 1917 and 1923 he taught at the School for Art and Architecture in Moscow. In 1920 he published, tegether with his brother Gabo the 'manifest of the realism'. In 1923 he emigrated via Berlin to Paris and became a French citizen in 1930.