Новый Леф

(1927 - 1928)               [



Новый Леф

New Lef

Moscow: GOSIZDAT, 1927-1928


New Left was the organ of the left front of the arts published by the State Publishiners. The magazine. was the successor of the LEF magazine published in 1923-1925. Unlike its predecessor, New LEF was published regularly (almost monthly - 22 issues from January 1927 to December 1928), but had a smaller volume - 48 pages. The editorial board included, along with the organizers of the group, also S.Kirsanov, A.Lavinsky, B.Pasternak, A.Rodchenko, V.Stepanova, V.Shklovsky, and S.Eisenstein. The authors of the journal were almost exclusively members of the editorial board. After Mayakovsky left LEF, from August to December 1928, the editorial board of the magazine was headed by the poet Sergei Tretyakov. The covers were by Alexander Rodchenko while each volume had photo-collages, photoconstructions, and constructivist imagery by Lavinskii, Lissitzky, Stepanova and others. The contents deal with the changing society and the role of art and literature in a socialist order. The last issue of the magazine was published in December 1928. The LS Collection holds all issues.



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