Georgii Nisskii

Нисский, Георгий Григорьевич

Painter, graphic artist

Born Novobelitsyi (Gomel), 21 January 1903

Died Moscow, 19 June 1987


Nisskii studied at the Vrubel Art School in Gomel 1919-1921 and at the Moscow Vkhutein 1923-30 under Drevin and Falk. In the 1930s he took an active part in the artistic developments of Socialist-Realism. He worked in the 1930s also as an illustrator. During the 1941-1945 War he designed a series of poster for the TASS windows. After the war he worked mainly as a painter. His painting reached its peak in the landscapes he painted in the 1950s and 1960s.