Leonid Nikitin

Никитин, Леонид Александрович

Scenographer, painter, graphic artist

Born Riazan, 14 May 1896

Died Kansk camp (Krasnoiarsk), 20 October 1942


Nikiton studied at the studio of E. Lissner next to his law studies t the Moscow University. In 1917 he became a victim of a gas attack during the first World War and was treated in Moscow enabling him to carry on with his studies. From 1921 to 1924 he worked for Proletkult. It was the artist's most creative  period in which he designed for the theatre, painted and worked as a graphic artist and bookdesigner. In 1930 Niktin and his wife were repressed and send to work at the White sea-Baltic canal. In 1939 he got a job at the toy factory in Zagorsk but was arrested and died in the Kansk camp for force labour.