Paul Nietsche

Нитше, Павел Гугович

Painterб пкфзршс фкешые

Born Odessa, 30 June 1885

Died Belfast, 5 October 1950


Paul Nietsche son of the owner of an engraving workshop attended the Odessa Art school. In 1908 and 1909 he studied at the Munich Art Academy. In 1910 he returned to Odessa and started working for the literary and art magazine 'Volna'. In 1915 he went abrod but retuned 1918 to Odessa. In the 1920s he arrived in England and in 1926 he moved to Ulster until 1930 when he travelled to France, Switzerland, Cornwall, the United States and Canada. He settled in Belfast but was interned in the Isle of Man during the Second World War because of his German parentage. During this period he made crayon studies of other internees.