Vladimir Nemukhin

Немухин, Владимир Николаевич

Painter, graphic artist

Born Priluki (Moscow Region), 12 November 1925

Died Moscow, 18 April 2016


Nemukhin is one of the classic representatives of the Soviet unofficial art. His first art lesson he got from Petr Solkolov's Art studio. In 1957 he entered the Moscow Surikov Art Institute but was soon expelled for disagreeing with the principles of Soviet Socialist-Realist Art. In the mid-1960s he joined the Lianosovo group of unofficial artist such as Evgenii Kropvivnitskii, Oskar Rabin, Lidia Masterkova and others. In the 1990s he emigrated to Germany where he lived in Düsseldorf. In 2005 he returned to Russia.




1990, 1992



2005, 2007