Dmitrii Nagishkin

Нагишкин, Дмитрий Дмитриевич

Writer, illustrator

Born Chita, 13 October 1906

Died Riga, 11 March 1961


Nagishkin was born in Transbaikal region of east Siberia where his father worked as an engineer. In 1928 he graduated from the Vladivostok Electrotechnical Highschool. In 1929 he started working as a journalist and a graphic artist for the Vladivostok  'Red Banner' journal. He moved to Khabarovsk where he 1931 started working as head illustrations for the 'Pacific Star' newspaper. As a military correspondent in the Amur region, Nagishkin started collecting local stories and publishing them.In 1953 he moved to Riga where he was deputy editor of the 'Soviet Latvia' almanac. In 1957 he moved to Moscow where he mainly worked as a writer of historical novels. He died in a train accident while visiting in Riga. He is buried at the Novodevichii cemetery in Moscow.