Vera Mukhina

Мухина, Вера Игнатьевна


Born Riga, 1 July 1889

Died Moscow, 6 October 1953


Vera Mukhina is one of the prominent soviet sculptors and author of the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman, a sculpture of two figures with a sickle and a hammer. She studied from 1908 to 1911 in Moscow at several private schools before she 1912 travelled to Paris where she took lessons with Emile-Antoine Bourdelle. She returned to Russia in 1914 and started working as a sculptor in a cubistic style. After the revolution she took a position as a teacher in the Moscow Vkhutemas fore some years. Her sculpture of the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman, desiged for the 1937 World Fair in Paris brought her international Fame. She became the leading socialist-realist sculptor of the Soviet Union.