Международное рабочее движение

The Internnational Labour Movement

Moscow: Profintern, 1921-1937


In 1919, the Third Communist International (Comintern) was founded in Moscow. For the first time in history, Russia became the headquarters of a large international organization and the centre of the world communist movement. The Communist International existed for twenty-four years - from 1919 to 1943 and went through different stages in its history.The Profintern (the International of Trade Union) was an international organization of trade unions, created in Moscow in July 1921 during the congress of trade unions that were not included in the Amsterdam International Congress. The aim of the Profintern was to coordinate actions between the trade unions and the communists operating in the trade unions. The first, founding, congress of the Profintern was held on July 3, 1921. It approved the slogan of the dictatorship of the proletariat and rejected the principle of "neutrality" of the trade union movement in the political struggle. The organ of the Profintern was the journal MRD (International Labour Movement). The headquarters of the Profintern was located in Moscow, where all its congresses were held. In addition, the Profintern had branches in Berlin, Paris, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Canada and other countries. By the end of 1937, a significant part of the sections of the Profintern ceased to exist and the Profintern was quietly liquidated. The LS Collection holds 73 issues (82 numbera) each measuring 260 x 180 mm. and printed in an edition from 5,500 to 29,000 copies.