Mikhail Molochnikov

(1963 - )




Igor Vishnevetskii (Ed.)



Moscow: Vishnevestkii, 1989

210 x 145 mm. 40 pages

Edition: 20







The literary Gazette Equinox was published from 1988 to 1990. A trial  issue (Nr. Zero) was published in 1988. Four issues were printed: 1-3 in 1989, Nr. 4 in 1990. A fifth volume was prepared but never printed. The circulation ranged between 20 and 40 copies. Financing and organization lay in the hands of Igor Vishnevetskii, who together with Dmitry Prokudin (Moscow) and Gleb Morev (Leningrad) also edited the contents of the Magazine. Mikhail Molochnikov was the designer. The magazine mostly published poems, essays and materials of literary heritage, but also translations.