Anatolii Mittov

Миттов, Анатолий Иванович

Graphic artist,

Born Toburdanovo (Chuvash), 13 December 1932

Died Cheboksary, 31 October 1971


Mittov studied from 1947 to 1952 at the Cheboksary Art School and from 1954 to 1954 at the Leningrad Repin Institute. In 1961 he returned to Cheboksary and started teaching at the Chuvash State Pedagogical Institute. In 1964 Mittov worked as an illustrator for the Chuvashian Publishing House. In 1966 he went to Moscow and took part in the 'underground'. In1970 he was taken into the psychiatric clinic in Cheboksary, where he died.