Nikolai Milyutin

Милютин, Николай Александрович

Statesman, architect, 

Born St. Petersburg 8 December 1889

Died Moscow, 5 October 1942


Milyutin studied from 1907 to 1909 at the architectural faculty of the Free Polytechnic in St. Petersburg and in 1909 painting at the Petersburg Stieglitz Institute. In 1908 he joined the revolutionairy movemement en became 1914 secretary of health insurance of the Putilov steel works in St. Petersburg. In 1917 he actively participated in the February revolution as a member of the Petrograd Soviet. After the October revolution he held several functions before becoming Deputy People's Commissar of Social Security of the RSFSR in 1921 and in 1924 - People's Commissar of Finance of the RSFSR. In 1930 he became deputy Commisar of Eduction and in this function he wrote Sotsgorod, a book devoted to theoretical issues of architecture and townplanning and was editor of the magazine Soviet Architecture. In 1940 Miliutin graduated with honors from the Moscow Architectural institute. He died in the Kremlin Hospital from stomac cancer in 1942.