The Pomegranate

A Yiddish Magazine of Art and Letters

Berlin: Rimon, 1922-1924


Milgroym appeared in Berlin from 1922 to 1924 in six issues. It was edited by Mark Wischnitzer and Rachel Wischnitzer-Bernstein, and had a cognate Hebrew journal called Rimon, which, though it contained different articles, was almost identical in form. Milgroym and Rimon were one of the most representative and influential magazines within Jewish modernist groups in Europe, Palestine, and America. The magazines were launched by Aleksandr Kogan, who also published the Russian Journal Zhar Ptitsa (The Firebird) hence the striking similarities of these magazines both in typography and design. The editors of Milgroym tried to uncover the historicity of Jewish artistic tradition, and to relate it to the construction of a new Jewish style. This new Jewish style represented not only a quintessence of the preceding tradition, but a synthesis of heritage and innovative modernist inspiration. In the LS Collection are three separate and six bound issues of the magazine.



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1922 no. 1

1922 no. 2

1923 no. 3

1923 no. 4



1923 no. 5

1924 no. 6