1921 - 1926


An artists' society formed in 1921, named after the hill on which the Trinity-Sergius Monastery stands in Sergiev Posad. The group mounted in Moscow three exhibitions in 1922, 1924 and 1925. The group was headed by the artists Vasili Chekrygin and the philosopher Pavel Florenski. The denial of the propaganda role of art and the recognition of only its high metaphysical tasks, make the artists of “Makovts” related to philosophers of the religious-philosophical renaissance. After the death of Chekrygin in 1922, the artists stressed the lyrical aspects of town and country life. In 1926 the members of Makovets left the group to join a variety of other artists' societies. In 1922 a journal in only two issues in an edition of 650 copies was published by A.M. Chernyshev.